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Blur Eyes

Blur Eyes

Blur Eyes

Blurred eyes can be caused by many things, so you need to make sure first what the cause is. So it will be easy for you to handle it. Having blur eyes, of course, is not good. Because there are limits in vision.

Having unclear or vague vision will certainly make the reader or the owner of the eye definitely feel something that is not free. Because after all eyes are very important for humans, without eyes, human life will feel empty. It is not easy to keep the eyes in a healthy condition, because sharp and clear eyes will not last forever, because there is also an age factor that will determine it. If you want to avoid eye damage, you should do this

1.Drink water

Musicaustraliaguide – Drinking lots of water will certainly help the eyes not to dry and lack water. It’s not just the body that needs water, but the eyes too.

2. Healthy food

Eating foods that have vitamins specifically for the eye is the best choice. Because foods that contain vitamins are certainly more beneficial for the body.


Avoiding using gadgets is the right choice. Because people who continuously use gadgets will affect eye health. Maybe there are jobs that require users to use computers or laptops, so those of you who want to do this work are better off using anti-radiation glasses.

Causes of blur eyes

After you maintain good health but the eye condition is getting worse, the following factors for blurry eyes are:

– Eye Defect

– Age

– Infection

– Disease (Diabetes, blood pressure, stroke or other)

always take eye vitamins//Eye

There are various diseases that cause blurry eyes. So you need to check or consult a doctor. If you are experiencing it continuously, it will be explained so that the doctor will provide input. Because blurry eyes are caused by other factors, don’t underestimate this. Blurry eyes can of course be felt by both eyes or even one, so those of you who are playing games must be careful so that your eyes are not injured.

How to treat blurry eyes

But those of you who suddenly have blurry eyes don’t immediately panic, do this, like


With enough rest, your eyes will likely recover, because eyes that are always invited to do activities for a long time will not be able to continue to remain normal. Therefore, try to rest your eyes by sleeping.

2. Consumption of vitamins and healthy food

By taking vitamins, you can reduce the risk of eye pain. Having the nutritional intake that your eyes need, you need to learn again. Because if you eat something that is often eaten wrong, it’s not only your eyes that hurt. There are other body parts that can be triggered by food in the body.

3.Protect eyes

The right way to protect your eyes when exposed to the sun is to wear sunglasses. Because you who wear sunglasses reduce the risk of cataracts.

To treat blurry eyes, it would be better to consult an expert so that everything goes normally. If you only make estimates, you will make your eyes hurt or damage them even more. The risk of eye damage is definitely there, because you don’t know clearly what causes it and how to deal with it. So don’t just guess when it comes to eyes.