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Magic243 novomatic

Magic243 is a game that gives a lot of winning points. The form of a game that has many classic symbols brought by novomatic. To be able to get a lot of value, gamers must use several tactics in order to get a win. With a total of 243 ways that gamers can use to get value. In accordance with the title of the game, magic243 gives a win with a large payout value.

First look at the game magic243 looks like an old game. Even though it looks old, it’s actually a magic243 game that is still loved by many gamers. Has many types of symbols that are ready to bring gamers to the door of victory. The shape of the screen is 5 reels which have a lot of value on the game symbols.

Victory symbol

Musicaustraliaguide – The opening of the game is very beautiful and enchanting. The golden and dark yellow colors are the back colors of the game. The symbols that spin on the reels are delicious and sweet fruit. Not only fruit but there are also some signs that also give value. The symbols are watermelons, cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, and grapes. There is also a star, number 7, magic243 logo, red and blue gems.

The shape of the game logo is very funny, there will be a flashing light when the magic243 logo appears or appears in the game. The magic243 logo is a wild symbol. Wild has a very powerful function that can replace all symbols except stars. The wild sign will give gamers a high coin value that can make gamers win big as much as two thousand times the value of the game bet.

many easy steps to win//cool

Additional games coming

The star in the game is white with scatter written on it. Stars that give light in the dark sky and give gamers the opportunity to play longer. The reels on the screen will score if they form a winning direction and only scatters are free to appear without using a direction. Being present in any position will give gamers great value.

When gamers have fun playing the magic243 game, there will be additional games that gamers can enjoy. It’s easy, gamers can press additional games at the bottom of the game screen next to the credits. In this game, the gamer must choose the color of the card or guess the color of the card. Guess the color black or red if the gamer’s guess is correct then the gamer will get a score and immediately add it. But if the guess is wrong, the money that gamers have bet on additional games will be lost.

Play games through the website

To play the game magic243 gamers must be prepared for real money. because this game uses real money so gamers must be ready to cash. Place the bet that gamers want by starting from 0.01 to 2 bet values ​​that gamers can use. Shape the same symbol then get the coin value. With 3 similar symbols or more can make gamers win. Besides being similar, you can also do a combination of symbols.

Playing games with real money bets sometimes makes you still doubt and afraid. If gamers are still curious, they can enter the game info. In the info there is a lot of information that can bring gamers to exciting games with high scores. For the magic243 game, gamers cannot download because novomatic makes a game system that can only be played through trusted online gambling sites or through websites.

Although it can only be played through the website, gamers don’t need to panic or worry because magic243 can also be opened with a small device in the form of an Android phone. Simple and small, easy to use and practical.