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Egyptian-themed games will take you to a place full of many treasures. This game developed by novomatic will give you an infinite wealth. To be able to win you have to find 4 jackpots in the game. This exciting game will also give gold coins as a sign of the gamer’s victory.

The type of game images that are very good with the color of each symbol are no less beautiful than the pyramid fortunes screen image. It has 5 game rounds and the types of combination wins that gamers can get in the Pyramid of Fortunes. Free spins are available when gamers manage to get a similar mark on the game screen.

Game symbols

Musicaustraliaguide – Various types of gold can be obtained by gamers in the Pyramid of Fortunes. The gold buried in the pyramid can make you forget yourself so that it turns a pile of gold like pool water. Swimming in piles of gold makes gamers forget themselves and want to immediately bring the gold.

Of course, many are curious about the pyramid fortunes game symbol. To eliminate the curiosity of gamers, you can enter and play exciting games from Pyramid of Fortunes. There are various symbols that gamers can find such as: the eye symbol of the god Horus which has 2 colors, pyramids, photos of the queen of Egypt, rings, crosses, green, blue decorations, treasure chests, and cards from the casino [A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9].

Wild some symbols

With these symbols will bring you an exciting victory. To be able to get high scores, gamers can get marks from photos of queens and wild games. It’s not just wild that will give a high value. There are still scatter and bonus games ready to give you lots of unexpected surprises.

abundant treasure in the pyramid//Fortunes

Wild sign which will replace all symbols. In pyramid fortunes there are 2 wilds that gamers can get in the pyramid fortunes game. Of the 2 wild symbols, the one that gives double value and the faster to win is red. This type of game that is won in many ways is able to provide a fairly high chance of winning.

Scatter and free spins

The direction of the symbol to win is seen from left to right. The value of the bet can be taken from the smallest value of 0.50 to the high stake of 5.00 coins. Presenting the game jackpot, gamers must present one of the wilds so that the jackpot is ready to form a value. There are 4 jackpots that gamers can achieve, namely: mini, minor, major, and grand.

The number that gamers will get in the pyramid fortunes game is 20 thousand times the value of the bet that gamers will get. The same 3 scatters will give free spins. The amount you get is 10 free spins every time you get the same 3 scatters. As long as it’s still free spins, the sign that often comes out is a symbol that has a high number in the game.

If you are still afraid of losing or curious about the game, gamers can play through the game demo. The type of game that does not use the original bet. Will show the steps and how much value gamers will get during the game demo. If you feel sure gamers can make real money bets on the pyramid fortunes game.

An exciting type of game with symbol values ​​that gamers can get. Games that offer types of wins that can be played automatically and manually. Playing games will automatically make the screen rotate by itself so gamers don’t have to press the start button.